How has the p90x journey been going for a busy, homeschooling mom of five small kids? Read this to find out.

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Reasons to Workout

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P90x Update!

Check out http://www.fivelittlefrenches.com to find out how my p90x adventure is going! This week, I explain some of the reasons that I am committed to my health. Tomorrow starts week 3 of p90x…with five kids running around the house? Find out how I’m doing.

A Homeschool Lesson About Reading


A Homeschool Lesson about Reading

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P90x – The Mommy Way


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Baby Biter Biscuits – Round 2…It’s Toast

So, I blogged about making a new recipe for baby biter biscuits – Zwieback toast! Crunchy, golden pieces of hard toast. Perfect for a teething baby. Head over to http://www.fivelittlefrenches.com to read all about it. Here is a link to the new post.

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